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Learning and Development

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It’s your career. You should learn and develop your way. Being empowered to learn in the way that suits you best will allow you to take ownership for your career development and prepare for future roles.

That’s the approach to development at BDO.

Underpinning our learning philosophy is our organisational framework – ‘Achieving My Potential’ or AMP. AMP is a set of criteria which will underpin your journey through your time at BDO, and helps us all to succeed.

The framework applies to all employees, in all areas of the firm and clearly sets out what you need to do and how you need to do it. The goal is to achieve your potential throughout your career at BDO and become the best you can.

What is AMP?

AMP is made up of four key elements – core competencies, technical competencies, values and attitude.

WHAT WE DO – The Competencies

  • Technical competencies describe the skills and knowledge we need to demonstrate in our respective professional disciplines and are specific to the role we do and the area of the firm we work in e.g. Audit, BS&A or Tax
  • Core competencies describe the skills, behaviours and knowledge we need to demonstrate and are applicable to all of us across the firm, with clear requirements and standards for each role.

Part qualified

If you are part qualified in a professional qualification, you can continue your studies with us.

Our support will include time off for college and study leave as well as funding for fees relating to study. We want you to have a ‘gold standard’ learning experience with our education providers.

The timetable and approach to your studies will depend on how far through you are already and which BDO cohort you most closely match. We have a multitude of internal training courses depending on your business stream and where you are in your career. The courses will run throughout your training contract with us and will help you develop personally and professionally.

You will be asked to provide your professional qualification exam transcript, so we can make sure you meet our criteria for support.


To help you learn your way, you will access ‘iLearn’ - BDO’s learning portal.

iLearn is a one-stop shop for courses, resources, guidance and support. iLearn will gives you easy access to a range of learning materials including face to face courses, articles, webinars, and the ability to set up and contribute to learning groups.

Our Culture

Our firm is distinctive and we want to preserve and build on the strengths of our culture and the characteristics that make us both successful and different. Our culture is built on a strong belief in our core values.

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