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What we look for

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Your qualifications and work experience are only part of your story. We’re also interested in the personal qualities and perspectives you bring.

Our firm is distinctive and we want to preserve and build on the strengths of our culture and the characteristics that make us both successful and different. We look for people from all kinds of backgrounds who share these same qualities, and we do this by assessing them against our ‘Achieving My Potential’ framework – or AMP. AMP defines what we do and how we do it.

Achieving my potential

Core competencies

Our core competencies underpin the approach that each of us takes to our day-to-day working life. Our core competencies are:

  • a collaborative approach
  • decision-making capabilities
  • a commitment to innovation and change
  • strong communication skills
  • development of both ourselves and others.

Technical competencies

Technical competencies are those that are particular to your role and the level you work at.

Attitude and values

Our Values complement each other and all contribute to our success and to that of our clients.

Being Responsible and Acting with Integrity: We act with integrity and good judgement. We take responsibility for the impact of our choices, actions and behaviour on those around us, our local communities and the environment. We deliver to the highest possible quality standards and take pride in everything we do.  We’re professional, thoughtful and considerate in all our interactions, acknowledging when we have made a mistake and taking action to correct it.

We don’t compromise on quality, avoid problems if they need resolving and we always consider and apply the Audit Firm Governance Code and the Ethical Standards.

Being Genuine: We remain committed to who we are, sharing our opinions and listening to the views of others, respecting and learning from each other’s differences,  treating others with kindness, respect and understanding and asking for help when we need it. We don’t pretend to be someone we are not. We don’t accept dishonesty, insincerity, exclusion or harassment, and we don’t disregard opinions and beliefs because they differ from our own.

Being Collaborative: We work as a team to achieve successful outcomes aligned to our strategy, supporting and encouraging each other, helping one another to overcome challenges. We share our knowledge, skills and experience and learn from everyone we interact with, acknowledging others for their contribution and celebrating achievements. We don’t create barriers that disrupt collaboration, forget the wider needs of the business and our teams, or take people or relationships for granted.

Being Bold: We look to innovate and be open to new ways of doing things. We are solution-focused and passionate about the things we do, challenging the status quo, stepping out of our comfort zone and leading by example. We don’t allow fear of failure or uncertainty to hold us back. We don’t assume innovation is someone else’s responsibility and we don’t give up when things don’t go to plan.

Recruitment process

From online application to offer, here’s what to expect from our recruitment and selection process.

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Diversity and inclusion

BDO is an equal opportunities employer. We are fully committed to ensuring all applicants are treated fairly and equally regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation.

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Global mobility

You will need to prove that you are legally entitled to work in the UK. You will need to show us a valid UK passport or work permit. If you cannot legally work in the UK, please do not apply for a role as you will not be successful.

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BDO has a commitment to building relationships directly with candidates in our local markets and as such, we do not accept speculative CV’s from agencies.

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